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Steele's Pug Palace of Tennessee

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Welcome to Steele's Pug Palace of Tennessee

                                                    Welcome to ...........Steele's Pug Palace of Tennessee

                                                                        ConnieSteelePugs  USA

           Please look at the...( menu bar).. to see each page...for adoption fees/information

           Adoption fees and details are all listed on (Puppy Adoption fee/Details)  page

           We offer AKC/ CKC ....Registration on all  Pug puppies/ All parents on site 

          We offer standard Pugs- Fawn & Black    

       We are now offering Non-standard (AKC/ CKC  Pugs of Color/ Occasionally) / White / Brindle/ Silver

       ( A limited number of litters per year on Pugs of color )               

            Please SEE  our (Puppy adoption fee page / detail page ) to see all Adoption Fees

       If you would like to get on our waiting list. Please go to our "contact page"and submit your puppy request 

      Please be sure to look over and read all information and adoption fees before submitting your puppy request.

        Availability for a pug puppy will depend on how many litter /  puppies will come available in our season                                         

                                                                      FOR SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY

        ( Please  Be prepared to be contacted at anytime up to (1) year of the date of your puppy request                                         I do require everyone to be on my puppy waiting list because I do work off of my waiting list all the time.

    Your name will stay on our waiting list for" one year "of the date of your puppy or adult request.

      after One year will have to resubmit your request with first date on it to keep your place. 

  Our waiting list is for ...SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY....                       

    We will not ship! You must come our home for puppy pick up here in Tennessee

       For a Puppy request.. We need your full name/  full address with City &State  / contact phone for my contact records. Please put  what color & sex puppy you are requesting. We will then contact you when we have a pug puppy available for you. It is just that easy:)  We Never ask for a (Hold fee ) until we have contacted you that we have a puppy available for you. Our Puppies will be about 6-7  weeks of age before we will contact you. Then I will set up a phone interview...Then I will email you one of our Puppy contracts.  I will give you a call to visit with you and explain our policies at that time.

    Steele's Pug Palace of Tennessee : We have Specialize in  Purebred Pug Dogs  for over 25 years and we are located in Middle Tennessee.  Our Pug Puppies will come with All Vet records/ health exam / first shots / de worming and all Vet records from a licensed Veterinarian. Our Pug Puppies will be available at 10 to 12 weeks of age and not before that time.               

Pet Quality Pug Puppies         We do not always have puppies on hand...     We have a  limited  numbers of litters in the spring/summer or limited litters offer in fall/winter.     (( We will NOT ship any of our puppies)).  You will have to make arrangements  to come to our home and Pick up your pug puppy here in Middle Tennessee from our home.

*****Please understand that we do not publish our address or phone number do to Scammers.  If you would like to provide  us with your contact phone number and a message by email......We will be glad to give you a call and visit with you                             about our Pug Puppies or other questions about our Pugs.



We do offer Adult Pugs for adoption ...(Occasionally).. submit your  Adult request for adoption  (To Pet family homes only). All  Adults will come spayed or neuter with all Vet records...(Adoption fee) will be applied  

        Adult adoption fee 500.00       some adults adoption fee may vary.                                      

To be fair to our retired adults we do from time to time adopt them out to caring and loving families homes only. Most of our adults pugs are still very young because our girls only have a few litters only.....We do occasionally seek loving and caring family forever homes to place them in....We will call you for a interview and all adult will be on a adult  contract with screening process before being placed. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.     

We are very picky where we place our adults as they are our very loved pug kids.


                                                              Contact us for more information 

 If you have any question please feel free to email us at  or Please go to our Contact       page to submit your Pug puppy/ Adult  request form or for Questions

                                         Thank you for visiting our website/ Steele's Pug Palace of Tennessee