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Steele's Pug Palace of Tennessee

Home of Purebred Pug Puppies- AKC/ CKC 

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Contact Us or submit your puppy request..... By simply filling out this form out to submit your Puppy request or question...We need your( full name / full address/City & State/ contact phone)**** You will not be placed on my waiting list unless I have your full name and Full address with City & State with contact phone number*

                *(I need all this information for my contact information!!!!  

 Please put on the Puppy Request line**** (Please  put choice 1#  and or  choice 2#) male or female and the color of puppy you are requesting Or

if your requesting a retired adult put requesting Adult

   ***Or if you need to resubmit after one  year please put your first date of your puppy request to keep your place. 

Your puppy  request will be delete if all fields are not filled out completely ...this information is only for my contact records

  ((((Please be sure you are one of my friends on Facebook. This is because this is the fastest way to contact you is though a private message. if you have any questions ..Please feel free to ask.

  I will reply back ASAP....   Thank You !     Steele's Pug Palace of Tennessee 

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